Miles Road not only supports missionaries and evangelistic ministries across the globe, we also actively send out mission teams locally, regionally, and internationally throughout the year. Scroll down to learn more and see how you can help share the "Good News!" both here and abroad.

How Can I Help Support Missions at MRBC?

  • Pray - Pray for our team members' safety, the logistics and planning of each trip, and opportunities to share the good news.
  • If given the opportunity, GO - If you have the time and the ability you should consider being a part of one of the many opportunities to serve on a mission team. Whether locally or globally, get involved.
  • Give - You can help support these trips financially. Contributions can be made directly to the church. Each year we strive to meet a yearly Christmas offering specifically earmarked for missions outreach. Our Goal is $120,000 and we know it's possible because God continues to provide above and beyond year after year through the faithful giving of His people.

International Trips:

     We have had the opportunity over the years to take mission trips to Moldova, India, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We send a team every year to Haiti. These teams spend about a week conducting medical clinics, visiting orphanages, conducting schools for local pastors, and holding multi-church revivals. We extend an invitation to other churches and individuals of like faith and mind to join us as we go to minister in these needy regions. These are life changing opportunities not only for those we reach out to, but also to those who participate.
Haiti Missions Trip

Disaster Relief:
Disaster Relief SC
     Miles Road has two different disaster relief teams that serve under the South Carolina Disaster Relief Ministry of the SBC. We have team members who help with chainsaw and mud-out, and a team that is responsible for feeding. Over the years our team members have made numerous trips to the Mississippi area helping with Katrina relief as well as Florida and even as far north as Buffalo, NY. If you can be called up in a moments notice and travel then training is available to help you become certified to serve.

We Support:

Evangelists/Ministers -

  1. Scott Eadie Evangelistic Association*
  2. Frank Shivers Evangelistic Association
  3. Jim Wilson Evangelistic Association
  4. George South Ministries
  5. Steve Hale Evangelistic Association
  6. Randall Jones Evangelistic Association
  7. Scott Carpenter Evangelistic Association
  8. Larry McFadden Ministries
Missionaries -
  • David Lawrence
  • The Friesen’s with Wycliffe
  • Maureen Finnegan with CEF
  • The Almacks with RCE
  • Amy Easterlin with Wycliffe
  • Joey Kellettes with CMC
  • J. Flower’s with BIMI
  • D. Flowers with BIMI
  • The Harris' with BIMI
  • Scott Daku with BIMI
  • The Johnson’s with BIMI
  • The Haberkamp's with TEAM
  • The Jerdan’s
  • Sun Ward with AGWM
  • Etzer Thomas
  • Don Pegg
  • The Atkinsons with FBMI
  • Remember Ministries
  • Jim Baker
  • Bill Fugal with AWANA
  • Rachel Huges with IBJM
  • SBC Foreign Mission Board
  • Water Missions
  • The Gideons
  • Joshua Patterson with Precious Gift Ministry

MRBC Ministries -

  • Cancer Ministry (CD's books, tracts)*
  • JOY Ministry (encourgament gifts)*
  • Men's Conference (vans, gifts, helps)*
  • Christmas Shopping (widows, etc.)*
  • Christmas Helps (cheer for the needy)*
  • Disaster Relief
  • Women's Prayer Retreat (vans)*

Other Ministries & Support Groups -

  • Robert and Shana Carman
  • Tommy and Teresa Ward*
  • Jeff & Dorette Chilcote*
  • Screven Association
  • Global Institute Student Support
  • Sounds of Grace Ministry
  • J.T. Smith
  • Richard and Sybil Barnwell*
  • Christian Eccles. Ministry
  • Go Win Ministries
  • America's Majority
  • Lowcountry Pregnancy Center
* These Ministries are Serving Out of Miles Road