Welcome! We are excited in your interest of our church. 
So, what makes Miles Road Baptist different from other churches? We are glad you asked!

1.  Our staff is accessible whenver you need them.  Appointments are encouraged in order to spend quality time with us - we can schedule them morning, noon, or night.

2.  We are conservative but not legalistic. If you need to be governed by strict rules, stepped on every Sunday, or harped on about looks, dress, and translations Miles Road is not the place for you.

3.  We are challenging and confronting in presenting God's Word but positive and loving too. We preach for life-changing, soul-saving decisions to be made. It is not our intention for you to leave feeling good but rather being Godly.

4.  Sunday School is the heart of our church! By attending you meet people, participate in socials, learn God's Word, and just plain have fun!

5.  Our Sunday Night and Wednesday Night Prayer Services are special. In a day when the trend is to diminish or cease these, we hold them in high esteem. If you were to ask those attending, most would say that these services equal or exceed Sunday morning in being a blessing.


Do you want to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ based on the Bible?
Watch this video by Dr. Charles Stanley to learn how to KNOW you are saved.

If Miles Road Baptist sounds like a church you would like to visit or become a part of, here are some suggestions that can make your transition easier:

* Stop by the Welcome & Information Center.
This desk is located in the front foyer of the sanctuary and has volunteers available who can assist you in classrooms for your children and answer any questions you may have.

* Contact us and schedule a visit from one of our staff.
These visits afford us the time to personally get to know you and your family.

* Get involved in a Sunday school class or a small group.
These help develop bonds of friendship with other members and will really make you a part of the Miles Road family.

Miles Road Baptist Church - Birdseye View