Policies & Procedures
Dress Code:
     Please dress your child comfortably and appropriately for school. Shoes must be worn at all times. Tennis shoes or closed in shoes are highly recommended to ensure safety on the playground. Your child should be able to button, zip and manage alone any clothing worn to school. All clothing is expected to reflect the overall character of a Christian Preschool. NO messages that may be considered in poor taste are allowed on any clothing.

Visits to School:
Because we are committed to the idea of parental involvement in the educational process, we heartily invite you to visit your child’s classroom during school hours. Please let your child’s teacher know in advance when you will be visiting, so that accommodations for you will be available.

Children Dropped Off/ Leaving the Center:
      No child will be permitted to leave with anyone other than a parent or person as designated in his or her records. For your child’s safety, identification will be required and checked for designated individuals picking up a child for the first time or anyone not readily recognized by our staff. All children are required to be accompanied by an adult when being dropped off at our center. It is the adult’s responsibility to ensure our staff is aware the student is present.

Late Pick-Up:
      Our closing time is 6:00 PM. Children who are not picked up by 6:05 PM will be charged LATE PICK-UP FEE of $5.00 for every 5 minutes that you are late.

Daycare Closings:
      We are to follow Dorchester District 2's procedures. If we have to close for inclement weather, if for a day only you will be charged, two or more days, you will not be charged. When the Children's Learning Center is closed for holidays (i.e. New Year's Eve) you will be charged your regular tuition. If at any time one of the above holidays falls on a weekend day, our center will be closed the weekday closest to the holiday.

Christmas and Spring Break:
      Children registered for pre-school only, before and after public school only, WHO DO NOT ATTEND THE DAYCARE FOR THESE TIMES are not required to pay the normal weekly tuition during these holidays breaks. However, if your child attends daycare during these breaks, you will be charged full time rates for the days they are here. We do not discount for regular days not in attendance. The same applies for one day or five days, unless vacation is used.

Public School Extended Day/Early Dismissal Days:
      We are aware that there are days that the school district will close early or close early or close for holidays or staff development days. To ensure that your children are taken care of, we have to have additional staff for those particular days. To cover the cost of these expenses, there will be an additional fee.

      As a courtesy, if you intend for your child to be absent from the center, we offer up to 5 days of vacation available for your use as credit against this absence, January through December. There will be no tuition posted to your account for the days you specify as vacation. No vacation time will be carried over from one year to the next. You must submit a vacation form no less than 1 week prior to taking vacation. Vacation will not be applied to your account without submitting the form. If you choose to have your child out of daycare longer than 5 days during the calendar year, you will be charged the full tuition rate during their absence.

      Two weeks written notice of intent to withdraw your child (daycare and/or school) is required to be submitted to the financial administrator. All outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to withdrawal. All accounts remaining unpaid two weeks after withdrawal will be subject to additional collection action.

Children Who Are Ill:
      To obtain a copy of our policy on illnesses at the CLC please download it here.

      Chewing gum is not permitted in the school/daycare.

Student's Belongings:
      All belongings are required to have your child's name clearly marked on them. We are not responsible for lost items. We have plenty of toys at our center, therefore, we ask that your child's toys remain at home. When toys are brought to school, they can get lost, and exchanged with other students. Toys brought from home also causes problems in the classroom (fighting over toys).

     There will be NO smoking in the buildings or on church grounds outside of your car.

Immunization Record:
     If your child's immunization record is not updated within 30 days after the expiration date, your child will be suspended until you provide the center with a valid immunization record. The center must adhere to DHEC Guidelines.

     The CLC has a zero tolerance policy for corporal punishment on our campus for teachers or parents. For further details, please see our Discipline Agreement

*Please reference our Student Handbook for additional policies.