About Us Title
  1. We are a conservative church! Traditional moral and doctrinal values are proclaimed and practiced here. The basis for our values is God's unchanging truth found in the Bible. While many may opinionate, speculate, and propagate their beliefs, we choose to hold fast to God's truth.
  2. We are a stable church! The pastor and staff have over twenty-five years of togetherness. By God's grace and our people's spirit of love and unity, we do not have conflict or commotion. While we are a pastor-led church, the pastor works closely with all church leadership teams to maintain harmony and accountability.
  3. We are a nationally recognized church! The Lifeway Christian Research Group selected Miles Road as one of the top churches in America for evangelistic growth, and we have been recognized by the Baptist Convention as a leader in church baptisms. Our ministry spans the globe, and our testimony is good locally and globally.
  4. We would like to be your church! If you are looking for a place to hang your hat, we would love to have YOU! Our membership is diversified in class, color, and culture but homogenized in Christ. If you are wanting a place to be loved, to grow in truth, and to serve, we would welcome you.