Nursery and Preschool

Nursery and preschool services are provided on Sunday at 9AM, 10:30AM, and 5:30PM.

Our goals in the nursery and preschool:

  • Allow children to associate God, Jesus, church, and the Bible with love, happiness, and learning.
  • Allow children to think of Miles Road Baptist Church as a safe and happy place they want to attend.
  • Allow children to grow in solving problems, sharing, and loving others.

*Speak to Amy for more information about our nursery and preschool programs.

Safety is a huge priority to us!

We use a tag system for check in. You are provided a tag linked to your child when you check in. When picking up your child, you must provide the tag you were given.

We have a secure entrance that is kept closed and locked at all times as well as ushers who monitor the nursery and children's buildings.

All of our nursery volunteers and staff have been cleared by a background check to work with children, and we strive to have at least two adults in the room with children at any time.